Before commencing your travel preparations and pre-approval, please read VCU's University Guidelines regarding travel.
All employees who travel on behalf of VCU are responsible for knowing this information.

Receipts are required for some expenses. Please review below for examples of these requirements.

Expense categories marked with an asterisk (*) are not typical reimbursements. For more information, contact Amie Knapp ( or Lee Biggs ( 

To access reimbursement instructions for each category, please click on the drop down found further down this page.   

Air travel  

Airfare*, baggage fees, passport/visa fees, air upgrade fees, change ticket fees, travel agency fees


Car rental, parking, rail, travel agency fees*, taxi/shuttle. mileage, public transit, rail/upgrade fees*, tolls, vehicle fuel


Business meals, per diem*, per diem wizard, overtime meals*


Room charge, hotel - parking, hotel - business meals*, room tax/fees, telecom, other*


Business usage telephone, internet

Prior to submitting your pre-approval, please add Amie Knapp or Lee Biggs as a delegate on your Chrome River (instructions can be found here). Lee will be listed under "Bailey Biggs."

  1. Open Chrome River.
  2. Under the "Expenses" section, select the "+ Create" button.

    Photos representation of directions for step two

  3. A side screen will pop up on your right. Enter the Report Name with the name of your travel.
  4. Pay Me In will default to "USD - US Dollars."
  5. Under Payee Type, select "Self."
  6. Under Report Type, select the best choice for your expense. It will most likely be under "General Expense."
  7. Under "Purpose," please select the best choice based on your type of travel.
  8. Comments are optional.
  9. Select "Save" in the top right.
  10. You will now be presented with different expense types. Information is provided below on all expense types. Please select each entry for each expense type you encountered.

    If, for any reason, the Add Expenses pane on the right does not populate, click the + circle in blue.

Each expense added will show on the left-hand pane. You can select each expense to view more details or edit it, if necessary. To edit the overall request, you can select the area directly below the blue bar where it has the title of the request. Then click the "Edit" button in the top right.

Index List

When you are submitting each expense, please be sure the index list added is the correct one for your department.

If your travel is covered by a different department, please reach out to the individual(s) assisting you with your travel for the appropriate index number. Otherwise, if you're not sure of the correct code, please reach out to Amie Knapp ( or Lee Biggs (

  1. Once you have added each expense you're requesting reimbursement on from your travel, select the green "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.
  2. You will be presented with a final pane that will list each expense you've entered and the total amount expected for your travel. Please verify the cost listed is accurate to any receipts and documentation you have. **

** Pre-approvals which exceed the amount the department has allotted you may be declined and returned to you. If you have professional development funds remaining, you can add a comment to your pre-approval stating any expenses in excess of the provided travel funds provided by the department will be pulled from the source of your professional development funds. Please reach out to Amie Knapp ( or Lee Biggs ( and your respective department head for questions regarding your funds amount.

  1. If you submitted a pre-approval, please attach it to this expense. Failure to do so will result in your request being returned. Select the blue "Pre-Approval" button directly below the statement.

    Photos representation of directions for step 18

  2. A new pane will populate. Under the "Select a pre-approval report" dropdown, select the appropriate pre-approval. Only pre-approvals you've submitted that have both been approved and not previously attached to an expense reimbursement will be available for selection.

  3. Select the appropriate pre-approval. Details about the selected pre-approval will populate.

  4. Select the green "Apply" button in the bottom right corner if everything is accurate.

  5. Select the green "Submit" button near the top right.

    You are encouraged to reach out to Amie or Lee prior to submitting to ensure your request is entered correctly. If you have already submitted your request, either you, Amie, or Lee can recall, correct, and resubmit it.

    1. You may then be prompted to enter an "Authorized Approver." In the search field, please enter your department head's name. Once their name has been added, select the green "Submit" button again.
    2. You will receive email updates in regards to your approval. If it is declined and returned, a comment will be provided explaining why it was returned. If it is approved, you will receive an email stating such.

    If you have any questions or you experience any issues while completing your reimbursement request, please reach out to your department head and Amie Knapp ( or Lee Biggs (