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A message from Vice Provost Robert M. Tombes, Ph.D. ‌

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Welcome to VCU Life Sciences!

VCU Life Sciences is a gateway to research and education. We offer degrees at all levels, but also function as a University-wide matrix organization, fulfilling the original vision of Past-President Gene Trani and the first Vice Provost, Tom Huff.  Learn about our facilities

Our mission is selfless, focusing on integrative scholarship, providing a framework for borderless academics and seeking novel approaches which can be shared by molecular biologists, mathematicians, engineers, ecologists, physicians and artists. Our public service and outreach are dependable and consistent with our philosophy. Read our stories...

Our studies span the spectrum of Life Sciences and we are dynamic enough to adapt to discoveries, new approaches and changing priorities. Explore our partnerships

As Vice Provost, I welcome you!  Contact us

Thomas F. Huff, Ph.D., founding VCU vice provost for life sciences 1952-2015
“VCU Life Sciences offers students the opportunity to learn about living systems in a comprehensive and challenging new way. Operating outside of the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines, we are able to approach the study of life as a continuum from small molecules to large landscape-scale ecosystems.”

Mission and vision

VCU Life Sciences aims to:

  • Integrate life sciences teaching, research and service across the VCU campus
  • Contribute to the study of biological complexity
  • Offer a highly interdisciplinary, systems-based approach to research, instruction and service through a universitywide matrix organization that includes hundreds of faculty members
  • Combine the strengths of the university with those of local businesses, industry, government and community organizations to create essential partnerships for students
  • Initiate activities and events at the local, regional and national levels to increase public literacy in the life sciences and provide important neutral assessments of public attitudes toward the field of study
  • Provide nimble responses to the challenges and opportunities presented by the life sciences revolution of the 21st century through the comprehensive and integrative resources and expertise of faculty, which can strengthen existing departments and create and sustain new educational, outreach and research programs

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