Juniper Peterson checks one of dozens of birdhouses along the James River where he is tracking how much time prothonotary warblers spend sitting on their eggs. (Allen Jones, Enterprise Marketing and Communications)

Drawn to a nest of secrets, student researcher explores a small songbird’s breeding habits amid a changing climate

April 15, 2024

VCU environmental studies major Juniper Peterson makes a mark in avian ecology lab, where the peace of nature meets the puzzle of data analysis.

Mallory Stephenson

Mallory Stephenson recipient of Smriti Bardhan Award of Excellence in Genetics Research

April 8, 2024

Her research focuses on genetic and environmental influences on alcohol use and suicidal behavior.

Charles Baker, a senior environmental studies major, takes a selfie in Copán, Honduras. (Contributed photo)

Class of 2024: Charles Baker works to protect venomous snakes and reptiles – and has already made a mark in Central America

April 8, 2024

The VCU Life Sciences student and a friend have launched a nonprofit and purchased a remote property in Honduras to create the first dedicated habitat preservation for a rare pit viper.

Max Biscarr, a sophomore kinetic imaging major, performs an electronic music composition that incorporates air temperature data and soil temperature data collected at the VCU Rice Rivers Center. (Photo by Allen Jones, Enterprise Marketing and Communications)

The sound of science: VCU students compose electronic music that incorporates environmental data gathered at VCU Rice Rivers Center

April 5, 2024

The ear, not just the eye, is a powerful route for experiencing and interpreting data, and a course that unites VCUarts and VCU Life Sciences is finding the harmony in nature.

Casey Johnson (left), a Graduate Student in VCU Life Sciences, assists participating district teachers in stream measurements at the VCU Rice Rivers Center.

Rice River Center, Center for Environmental Studies, and School of Education contribute two articles in The Earth Scientist

April 4, 2024

NOAA B-WET grant partnered VCU with local primary educators for experiential and virtual learning.

Sage Lockett standing in front of his poster presentation

Environmental Studies major presents at Association of Southeastern Biologists conference

April 3, 2024

Sage Lockett’s research was conducted at Rice Rivers Center

Jennoa Fleming, a senior environmental studies major at VCU, researches the James River rock pools, focusing on a small aquatic snail. (Kevin Morley, Enterprise Marketing and Communications)

How I found my research: Jennoa Fleming studies the small wonders of the rock pools to understand our future on Earth

March 27, 2024

Fleming has been researching the rock pools of the James River since she was a high school student. ‘Ecology is where I truly belong,’ she said. ‘I can’t imagine doing anything else.’

A student stocks the Little Ram Pantry kiosk in Cabell Library. VCU Business Services announced it will provide funding to support the Little Ram Pantry program. (Kevin Morley, Enterprise Marketing and Communications)

VCU Business Services joins with Ram Pantry to combat student hunger

March 21, 2024

Dedicated funding will propel the Little Ram Pantry pilot program, which offers food-access outposts across the Monroe Park and MCV campuses.

The majority of bird strikes occur during migratory periods (especially in the fall), when a variety of conditions bring birds into contact with human structures. (Getty Images)

Celebrity owl Flaco’s recent death in NYC highlights how bird strikes with buildings are strikingly common, including in Virginia

March 18, 2024

At VCU, avian ecologist Lesley Bulluck offers a window into how windows and migration are a dangerous mix – and how VCU students are advancing data collection.

VCU Honors College students Arya Kalathil (left) and Simrah Ansari (right) lead students in the WHAM (Wellness, Happiness and Mindfulness) class at Open High School in some yoga moves. (Kevin Morley, Enterprise Marketing and Communications)

In VCU Honors College, students get teaching and tutoring experience through partnership with Richmond public high school

Feb. 19, 2024

Now in its eighth year, the Open-Honors Connect program enhances undergraduate learning while expanding course offerings for the city school system.