CBDS undergraduate academic advisor Lian Currie awarded 2022 Excellence in Advising

Nov. 10, 2022

VCU submits Currie's name for the National Academic Advising Association Region 2 award in the same category. 

Lian Currie

Lian Currie, M.Ed., undergraduate academic advisor for the Center of Biological Data Science (CBDS), is the recipient of VCU’s 2022 Excellence in Advising - Primary Role award. The University Academic Advising Board (UAAB) Awards and Grants Committee will formally present it at the fall UAAB meeting. VCU will nominate Lian to the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Region 2 award in the same category. 

Several faculty and students submitted Lian’s name for consideration. 

VCU has played a key role in Lian’s educational and professional journey.  She received her Bachelor of Science in 2014 from the Robertson School of Media and Culture, and joined VCU Career Services as a communications professional in the summer of 2017.  Part of her work consisted of meeting with and telling the stories of VCU students. In these interactions, Lian discovered she wanted to pivot her professional path and pursue helping students in an advising capacity. 

Two years later, she began working towards her Master Degree in counselor education, college counseling and student affairs. In January of 2020 an advisor position in CBDS became available, providing Lian the opportunity to fulfill her aspirations to work and pursue her degree simultaneously. 

Many students at VCU work and attend classes full or part-time, and Lian brings a unique and empathetic perspective to the students she advises. She spent nine semesters as a part-time graduate student while working as full-time advisor, and understands the challenges students face juggling educational and work schedules. “I think being a student while working full-time, gave me a constant reminder of all the things our students are juggling on a daily basis,” states Lian. “In the best way, I knew first-hand what it was to juggle competing priorities, seek out resources at the university, and build social support where you can find it.”

In May 2022, it was Lian’s turn to walk again in a commencement ceremony, celebrating the completion of her Master of Education from the School of Education.  

When she is not in her office with students or attending admission and open house events, she is often still on campus, but this time at the Stuart C. Siegel Center Robins Center during basketball games cheering on the VCU Rams.