Office of the Vice Provost Directory

Blocks of text in the entries below indicate research interests.

Robert Tombes

Robert M. Tombes, Ph.D.

Vice Provost for VCU Life Sciences and Research

Cell and Developmental Biology

gail bartee canter

Gail Bartee Canter

Senior Financial Specialist

Rodney Dyer

Rodney Dyer, Ph.D.

Director and Professor, Center for Environmental Studies

Landscape and population genetics

Nick Fetzer

Nicholas Fetzer

Assistant Vice Provost of Finance and Administration

Stephen Fong

Stephen S. Fong, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Integrative Life Sciences Education

Systems biology

Greg Garman

Greg Garman, Ph.D.

Director, Rice Rivers Center

Fish Biology

Paul Kadas

Paul Kadas

Information Technologist

Amie Knapp

Amie Knapp

Operations Coordinator

Lynne McCarthy

Lynne McCarthy

Director of Communications

Katie Ranger

Katie Ranger

Assistant Research Administrator

Michael Rosenberg

Michael Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Director and Professor, Center for Biological Data Science

Evolutionary Biology

Data Science

Sara Vorlop

Sara Vorlop

Human Resources Generalist