Our supply of clean water worldwide is threatened by pollution and overuse.

The VCU Rice Rivers Center is working to change that.
Find out how our ongoing research and conservation projects are making a difference at home and across the globe.

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Feature #1

Merging art and science

By partnering with the VCU School of the Arts, Daniel McGarvey, Ph.D., hopes to teach VCU graduate students how to present research data in a more engaging way.
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Feature #2

Improving the lives of veterans

Collaboration with researchers across VCU’s campus allowed alum Thomas Shaak, Ph.D., to gain expertise in wound healing that benefits military veterans.
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Feature #3

Gaining the confidence to lead

While pursuing a master’s degree in environmental studies, VCU alumna Jennifer Ciminelli gained the practical skills and self-confidence to become a leader in her field.
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Our three specialized centers offer a rich network for learning, teaching and research.

Our research

Creating exciting interdisciplinary collaborations that lead to unexpected discoveries

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Our programs

Encompassing all of the academic disciplines that touch on biological life

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Our alumni

Making significant contributions in the business and academic worlds

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Our community

Extending our reach beyond the VCU campus to make a difference in our community

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Latest news

Eagles rarely gamble during the breeding season

January 12, 2016

VCU Rice Rivers Center collaborator: Center for Conservation Biology

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