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VCU Rice Rivers Center ninth annual Research Symposium

May 26, 2017

On Friday, May 12, 2017, VCU Rice Rivers Center hosted our ninth annual Research Symposium.  After opening remarks by VCU Rice Rivers Center Director Dr. Greg Garman, student presentations followed. 


What's the solution? Reconsidering assays of extracellular enzyme activity to better represent in situ condition.  Joseph Morina, VCU-ILS

The effect of chronic nutrient addition for wastewater on forest ecosystems at the VCU Rice Rivers Center. Michael A. Beck, VCU-CES

Seasonal and interannual variation in metabolism of the tidal freshwater James River. Spencer J. Tassone, VCU-BIO (pictured)

Surface layer climatological analysis of meterological data at the VCU Rice Rivers Center. Joseph C. Robinson, VCU-BIO and VCU-CES

Evidence of diffuse migratory connectivity for prothonotary warblers from geolocator and isotope data.  Jessie Reese, VCU-BIO

Wanted dead or alive: the importance of oaks in winter roost site selection by red-headed woodpeckers in a fire-affected forest stand.  Ben Nickley, VCU-BIO

Assessing fish assemblages on and off restored oyster reefs.  Danielle N. McCulloch, VCU-CES

Behavioral responses of sub-adult Atlantic Sturgeon to electomagnetic and magnetic fields under laboratory conditions. Andrew McIntyre, VCU-CES

Achieving environmental equity: environmental and socioeconomic analysis of urban heat island effect in Richmond, Virginia.  Kaitlin Savage, VCU-CES and VCU-URSP

"An oyster's-eye view of the Virginia Oyster Shell Recycling Program." A short film.  Ron Lopez, VCU-CES

"VCU - Panama - 2017." A short film. Brendan Wang, VCU-BIO

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