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VCU alumni recognized for outstanding presentation

July 28, 2017

Earlier this year, Spencer Tassone, a 2017 master’s graduate in Biology, gave an oral presentation at the spring 2017 Atlantic Estuarine Research Society (AERS) meeting at St. Mary's College in Maryland.  Part of Tassone’s Master’s work and research that appeared in the presentation was conducted at VCU Rice Rivers Center. 

Titled "Seasonal and Interannual Variation in Metabolism of the Tidal Freshwater James River", it was awarded “Outstanding Graduate Student Presentation” of the conference.  Tassone told how he examined the total amount of gross primary production (photosynthesis) and ecosystem respiration (decomposition) every 15 minutes across an eight-year span using data collected off of the Rice Rivers Center pier, resulting in a staggering 280,000 data points.  

This wasn’t the only achievement Tassone received this year. He was recently named “Outstanding Biology Masters Student in Ecology” by Montserrat Fuentes, Ph.D., Dean of VCU College of Humanities and Sciences. Nominees for this award are evaluated based on their GPA, courses taken, research experience, professional preparation, publications, presentations at meetings and service to VCU. 

Tassone now brings his talents to VCU as a new staff member in the Department of Biology working under Paul Bukaveckas, Ph.D. on river and estuarine ecology in the York, Pamunkey and Mattaponi Rivers, which will complement ongoing work in the James River Estuary.

View Tassone’s AERS presentation "Seasonal and Interannual Variation in Metabolism of the Tidal Freshwater James River” below.


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