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Team Warbler members Emma Davis from VCU and Liz Ames from Ohio State University demonstrate bird banding to members of  Sociedad Audubon de Panamá

Team Warbler participates in bird banding demonstration in Panama

May 18, 2018

(Pictured, sitting from left to right: Team Warbler members Emma Davis from VCU and Liz Ames from Ohio State University)

A group of students left the bitter cold of Richmond behind to study abroad in Panama and follow the prothonotary warblers to their winter habitat. Dr. Catherine Viverette and Dr. Edward Crawford’s ENVS 515 Panama Avian Field Ecology class spent January 2 – 15 in mangroves and other tropical habitats tracking the small, yellow bird.  Beyond gathering data, one of the course requirements was to work with Panama Audubon Society and participate in community outreach in the host country.

VCU’s Team Warbler, accompanied by a graduate student from the Ohio State University, traveled to Panamá Viejo – the last remaining part of Old Panama City –  and partnered with the Sociedad Audubon de Panamá to hold a demonstration about bird banding and the importance of mangrove ecosystems to resident and neo-tropical migratory birds. They also educated local residents about migratory birds, local birds, and how banding allows scientists to study avian habits and health both locally and abroad.


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