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Paul Bukaveckas, Ph.D., continues to press for answers

August 19, 2015

Dr. Paul Bukaveckas has produced a prodigious amount of research this year, providing invaluable data to help understand and manage the worldwide problem of algal blooms.

As an aquatic ecologist whose research addresses basic and applied aspects of material and energy cycling in ecosystems, he focuses on two interrelated research topics: (1) the processes that regulate photosynthetic production in diverse aquatic habitats and (2) the role of primary producers in carbon and nutrient cycling. Current projects examine the interplay between hydrologic and ecological processes in flowing waters (streams, rivers, estuaries). The goal of this research is to address basic questions in ecosystems ecology that are important to understanding human impacts on aquatic resources.

Below is a listing of his most recent publications:

Bukaveckas, P.A. and J.D. Wood.  2014.  Nitrogen retention in a restored tidal stream (Kimages Creek, VA) assessed by mass balance and tracer approaches.  Journal of Environmental Quality 43:1614-1623.

Wood, J. D., and P. A. Bukaveckas 2014. Increasing severity of phytoplankton nutrient limitation following reductions in point source inputs to the tidal freshwater segment of the James River Estuary. Estuaries and Coasts 37:1188-1201.

Wood, J. D., R. B. Franklin, G. C. Garman, S. P. McIninch, A. J. Porter, and P. A. Bukaveckas. 2014.  Seasonality and inter-specific variation in accumulation of the algal toxin Microcystin among fish and shellfish in the James River Estuary, Virginia. Environmental Science and Technology 48:5194-5202.

Zilius,M., M. Bartoli, M. Bresciani, M. Katarzyte, T. Ruginis, J. Petkuviene, I. Lubiene, C. Giardino, P. A. Bukaveckas, A. Razinkovas-Baziukas, and R. de Wit.  2014.  Feedback mechanisms between cyanobacterial blooms, transit hypoxia and benthic phosphorus regeneration in shallow coastal environments.  Estuaries and Coasts 37:680-694.

Lesutiene, J.  P.A. Bukaveckas, Z.R. Gasiūnaitė, R.Pilkaitytė, and A. Razinkovas.  2014. Consumer utilization of autochthonous organic matter during a cyanobacteria bloom in a coastal lagoon of the Baltic Sea. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 138: 47-56.

Agencies internationally are relying partially on Dr. Bukaveckas’ expertise to make impactful decisions with regard to water management, including the Department of Environmental Quality, which is using Dr. Bukaveckas’ research findings to help inform new guidelines for the TMDL for the Chesapeake Bay.


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