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Oysters in the classroom

December 8, 2016

The Virginia Oyster Shell Recycling Program (VOSRP) was recently awarded a grant from the Dominion Foundation to implement a detailed curriculum to raise awareness of the biological, social, economic and ecosystem benefits provided by oysters in two area high school classrooms.  The project includes the placement of oyster reef tanks in the class, as part of the curriculum.

The project is a collaboration between our VORSP, the Math Science Innovation Center (MSiC) in Richmond, Chesterfield County Public Schools (Cosby High School), Richmond Public Schools (Armstrong High School) and VCU Center for Environmental Studies students.

The curriculum includes designed classroom activities which meets the requirements under the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL). Students are able to explore the physiological and ecological processes of oysters and oyster reefs that help create healthy and thriving bays, and the cascading positive effects they can have on an ecosystem.

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