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New Director of Rice Rivers Center

September 8, 2016

There continues to be change and growth in the VCU Life Sciences program. Dr. Robert Tombes, the Vice Provost for Life Sciences and Research at Virginia Commonwealth University, recently announced Dr. Greg Garman as Director of the Rice Rivers Center (RRC). Dr. Garman has served as the Director of the Center for Environmental Studies (CES) for the past 16 years as well as serving as the founding Research Director for RRC. Approximately CES 70 students graduate annually with one of the highest rates of placement to their related job market. Dr. Garman, who has been a tenured member of the biology faculty since 1994, has agreed to remain as acting director of CES until his replacement is found. Special gratitude is extended to Dr. Len Smock for not only serving as Rice Rivers Center Director, but also Interim Vice Provost for Life Sciences and Research during the past 18 months. 

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