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New and Next for VCU Rice Rivers: Stay Over!

November 25, 2015

A long-anticipated development is underway at the VCU Rice Rivers Center: researchers, students and other collaborators soon will have the ability to stay onsite overnight in a beautifully-designed lodge that is planned to be operational by January 2017. Thanks to the continued generosity of Mrs. Inger Rice, four buildings will cluster around a courtyard which will include a fire pit for congregating. There will be a dining and meeting facility, as well as a variety of sleeping accommodations for differing types of groups. While the drive to and from the main university campus is not too long, the ability to stay for an extended period will afford not only our own students but also researchers from other organizations to gain closer access to their projects, and will be especially beneficial to avian researchers and others who need to operate in early, late, or non-daylight hours. In addition, the accommodations will allow greater use of the center for conferences and retreats. The VCU Rice Rivers Center is grateful to Mrs. Rice’s generosity and looks forward to sharing the center even more extensively.

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