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Lesley Bulluck, Ph.D. receives outstanding faculty mentor award

May 12, 2016

Dr. Lesley Bulluck, Assistant professor with the Center for Environmental Studies and Department of Biology at VCU, has been honored as a 2016 Outstanding Faculty Mentor. Her central research interests are population ecology and behavior of birds, and she is most often motivated by the ability to influence conservation and management.

For award nominations, undergraduate students were asked to select a faculty member who has made a lasting impression through their guidance and mentorship of undergraduates conducting research and scholarship at VCU. Denney Turner, UROP Research Fellow, selected Dr. Bulluck specifically for her efforts toward student engagement in research activities and experiences, her enhancement of student learning and research training in the discipline, and for her overall support and guidance. Turner states, “Working this past year with Dr. Bulluck has been nothing short of extraordinary. She opened my eyes to many different aspects of research. I have learned so much from Dr. Bulluck, the hands on experience alone was rewarding enough but working one on one with a professor that is so knowledgeable and passionate in their field was unbelievable. Working with Dr. Bulluck, I have broadened my knowledge of everything that goes into research. One can learn a lot in classroom-based education but working out in the field or lab, immersed in the subject can alter your thinking and conception. Overall, Dr. Bulluck helped me find my true passion this past summer. It has been a life changing experience that I am so thankful to have had with such a wonderful professor.”

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