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International partnership with University of Cordoba

April 16, 2014

VCU Rice Rivers Center and the Department of Biology are pleased to announce the VCU-University of Córdoba (UCO) Collaboration: Development of a synthetic, complimentary degree program focusing on science of the James River and Guadalquivir River ecosystems.

The collaborative research project between VCU and UCO is designed to strengthen and expand the existing collaboration between faculty and students at both universities to enhance the sharing of resources, expertise and cultural experiences, and ultimately resulting in increased collaborative research and the development of a collaborative graduate degree.

The collaboration will focus on two river ecosystems, James and Guadalquivir, which are historically fundamental to the economy and culture of Virginia, USA and Andalusia, Spain, respectively. The central theme of the project is to evaluate the impacts of global change induced rises in sea level on these river ecosystems. Emphasis will be placed on ecological communities and broader impacts on societies within the river watersheds. Researchers will use historical and current understanding of sea level rise and associated effects on river and watershed ecological assemblages by using quantitative tools for watershed analysis, as well as computer simulations to predict future scenarios that will impact the rivers ecosystems and society. Hydro- and bio-indicators of this sea level rise impact will also be identified as tracers of the global change evolution.

VCU faculty will be travelling to Spain this June to kick off the collaboration.

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