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News & events

ILS alumni panel 2014

January 16, 2015

On November 20, 36 current ILS students were invited by ILS Program Director, Dr. Bill Eggleston to the annual ILS alumni panel, which is intended to aid graduates in being successful upon completion of the program. Dr. Sarah Golding, Instructor and Director of Undergraduate Research in the Department of Biology, spoke about the Preparing Future Faculty Program.

ILS alumni spoke about several different career paths after completing the ILS program, including paths in both higher education and the public sector. They included: Dr. Colleen Higgins, Instructor, Department of Biology; Dr. Christopher Waggener, Lead Scientist with the VA Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services; Dr. Julie Zinnert, Research Scientist, Department of Biology; and Dr. Billy Budd, Group Leader at AIBiotech in Richmond.

The alumni answered a battery of questions from the students relating to their fields, as well as the educational paths they took while at VCU.

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