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Getting their feet wet

March 27, 2017

By Virginia Commonwealth University

As their classmates listen for the bell to ring at Armstrong High School, one group of students is listening instead to the gentle flow of water in Kimages Creek in rural Charles City County.

They are visiting this bucolic scene to learn more about water use and pollution in the concrete environs of Richmond, and what impact pollution has flowing down the James River and into the Chesapeake Bay.

The students, enrolled in VCU alumna Lauren Kern’s biology class, are partners in the Community Greening Project, which studies storm-water runoff issues in Richmond neighborhoods. They are developing an online multimedia map where community members can log problem areas, and are hosting community meetings to gather input and suggestions.

“In the classroom, students learned how their actions could impact urban runoff, which flows into the James River and makes its way south, to the Rice Rivers Center,” said Jennifer Ciminelli, research and data coordinator for the center and faculty in VCU’s Center for Environmental Studies.

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