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Flowers, Fungus, Fine Art and Illustration

November 24, 2015

On October 30, VCU Communication Arts professor Sarah Faris took her Botanical Drawing class out to the VCU Rice Rivers Center.

They were given a project prompt focusing on “interaction”, and were allowed the choice of a fine art or scientific illustration approach. Using materials gathered on-site, students engaged in production of work that furthered their skills in observation, image making, expressiveness, and communication. Faris and her students posted images from the day under the Instagram hashtags #bioartschool and #vcuricecenter.

Students: Emily Rueckert (top), Lauren Rakes (L), and Erin Bushnell (R)In a fortuitous intersection, visiting Prince George High School students got a peek at the process of botanical illustration as they toured the lab where the Botanical Illustrations students were working, introducing them to another facet of scientific pursuit, in addition to the research they already had been helping to conduct at the Center that day.

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