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EcoExperiences at Rice Rivers Center: Hands-on learning for the public

May 30, 2014

On two days in May, VCU Rice Rivers Center hosted EcoExperiences as a way to open the center to the public and offer some first-hand science to all comers.

“Catch and Release Dragonflies” and “Bird Field Day” were opportunities to experience field work under the guidance of experienced teacher-researchers. Participants were treated to close-up looks at wildlife, and given an understanding of how research at the VCU Rice Rivers Center is conducted.

These were the first two events in a series of three for the year; the final EcoExperience for 2014 will be held Oct. 4, “Wading into Wetlands: An amphibian’s eye view of some exceptional ecosystems”:

Wetland habitats provide numerous ecosystem services such as clean water, clean air, critical habitat for threatened and endangered species, increased regional biodiversity, and are among some of the most productive ecosystems on the planet. Come learn about these critically important yet highly imperiled wetland ecosystems while you engage in hands-on exploration of some diverse and unique wetland resources located at the VCU Rice Rivers Center. Hip-waders will be provided as we investigate forested and herbaceous dominated tidal/non-tidal and ephemeral wetlands along the banks of the James River.

For more information, including how to register, please see the EcoExperience section of our Courses and Workshops page.

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