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Addition to the VCU Rice Rivers Center Instruments

September 29, 2016

On August 19, 2016, a new instrument system was installed at the VCU Rice Rivers Center Pier.  Pandora 35 was contributed to VCU Center for Environmental Studies by Dr. Jay Hermann from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center by the generous sponsorship of Dr. Jack Kaye at NASA Headquarters.  The Pandora instrument system, which uses sun tracking to keep its upward-looking orientation, is an integral component of ground validation measurements for remotely-sensed atmospheric NOand ozone profiles. Nitrogen dioxide is an important trace gas to measure because of its role in the formation of photochemical smog which adversely affects human respiratory system. Ozone (near the ground) is also important to measure because it is produced from industrial and urban pollution.

Rice Rivers is honored to join the global Pandora system which includes sites from Harvard Smithsonian in Boston, MA, to Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii, to Innsbruck, Austria and many more. We are anticipating new partnerships and collaborations for both CES faculty and students as the result of the addition of the Pandora instrument system to the array of interdisciplinary instrument systems at the VCU Rice Rivers Center.

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