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A Garden for Everyone

April 15, 2019

By Virginia Commonwealth University

In an open field behind the playground at George W. Carver Elementary School, Mirella Shaban is standing on the flatbed of a rented GMC Sierra pickup truck, shoveling soil into a wheelbarrow.

It is early April, breezy and warm. Shaban and a dozen classmates at Virginia Commonwealth University are filling four elevated planting boxes with dirt. They have spent two days constructing the boxes — each about 40 square feet in size. A few yards away, trays of vegetables, flowers and seeds rest in the grass. Today is planting day. 

“We have marigolds that are going to attract some pollinators, we’re going to put those in the corners,” Shaban says, walking around one of the boxes and picking up a tray. “We have some romaine lettuce, spinach and onions — they are going to be awesome because everybody loves onions. We also have carrots, some seeds. We’re going to plant squash once it gets a little warmer. We’re going to plant enough food to feed at least 10 to 15 households.”

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