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March 4, 2015

The VCU Rice Rivers Center is delighted to announce that The Cabell Foundation has made a one year, one million dollar matching grant toward the campaign to fund our state-of-the-science research building. At 14,000 square feet, this critically-needed laboratory space will provide the capability for VCU Rice Rivers Center researchers to make great strides in building on a growing international reputation as an authority on large rivers, riparian landscapes and the life that depends on them.

Several key components of this research building will support and drive research growth at the Center. These include:

  • Environmental Chemistry Analysis Laboratory: Already generously funded by MeadWestvaco Foundation, this space will serve as a cost-centered resource providing analytical support to researchers at the Center, at the university and also at other institutions and agencies. The lab will contain capabilities for the analysis of stable isotopes, nutrients, metals and a wide range of other environmental pollutants.
  • Geospatial Data Analysis Laboratory: This lab will support research on and the application of spatial data analysis to complex environmental issues. Capabilities will include geographical information system and global positioning systems.
  • Information Technology Systems: These will link to an integrated river sensor network that will employ a variety of cutting–edge equipment, such as real-time water quality instrumentation nodes and remote sensing instrumentation, providing the foundation for innovative research programs encompassing the James River watershed.

VCU is extremely grateful for the generosity of The Cabell Foundation, and we are looking forward to seeing the mission and vision of the Center fulfilled as a result of this important facility. Throughout 2015, any gift made to support the Rice Rivers Research Fund will be matched 100%. This is a unique opportunity for you to make a difference. Thank you for your consideration of a gift.

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